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  • CentovaCast is the ultimate control panel to manage Internet radio stations

    It allows you to broadcast live from your PC 24 hours. Play your music lists with AutoDJ included in all plans. With CentovaCast will histories, complete statistics and geographical location of their listeners in real time.

  • Up to 100 simultaneous listeners

    Up to 100 simultaneous listeners
    Our radio stations, support to 100 connected simultaneous listeners.

  • Web Control Panel CentovaCast

    Web Control Panel CentovaCast
    CentovaCast has many features and tools for manage your Emissora from browser .

  • 15 Day Guarantee

    15 Day Guarantee
    Cyberneticos you guarantee 15 day trial Streaming Servers and other services.

  • Technical Support 24 Hours

    Technical Support 24 Hours
    Our team will assist the 24 hours , lose 365 days a year to resolve issues and incidents that may have with your station.

CentovaCast, Control Panel Professional Radio Station

Controls and manages your radio station through CentovaCast
This panel has many features for managing your radio from your browser anywhere with internet connection as start, stop, set, change key, text emission and dozens of other settings and functions. Here are all the functionality that has this panel for your internet radio station.

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  • Statistics and listeners full history

    CentovaCast has a section where they can graphically display statistics listeners to know at all times the audience has or has had. History allows you to view statistics for any time, day, week or year mo. You can even see the history of the whole entire year. The graphs show the number of listeners who had for some time throughout the day. Through graphics easy to read and understand so you know precisely which are the most advanced of its program hours.

  • Play from any audio player

    Your control panel will provide links listening to the 4 most common players: Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes and Real Player. The CentovaCast panel even has a section where you can copy and paste HTML code on your website and have buttons ready for your listeners can hear the station directly from their website.

  • Content streaming session deferred and recorded

    CentovaCast provides a section from where you can upload any file to be heard in streaming format and recorded at any time. Free web page that is included in the panel, also has created a section where your files will appear delayed broadcast.

  • Personalized web page for your station

    Custom web pages have buttons listening, playlist, deferred content and even a section where your listeners can make song requests. When you register we provide a link to this website with which you can link from any other web site, or even create a domain for your station and use this page as your homepage.

  • Playlists Programmable (AutoDJ Advanced)

    The AutoDJ panel, has a management area playlists, where you can create all the lists I wanted, sort and schedule them for automatic playback at any time. It also has several modes of play and created, so that with just a few clicks have a list with a soft, intense programming or intervals and repetitions, with different weights so that you can give more or less importance to a song, so that it is played with a variable frequency and configurable from the panel station. All management of playlists is done with AJAX technology, rich graphics and easy to use, dragging songs and creating playlists in minutes. The tracks can upload via an FTP account that is automatically created when you register.

  • ready to use codes in your web

    The control panel of your station has a section with multiple and custom code for your station. You just have to copy and paste the code into your web page. In addition, this section includes code to see a Summary Status Issue, Details Issue, content Timer, Recent tracks, song requests and even a form where your listeners can make song requests and dedications.

  • Traditional Administration available Shoutcast

    For those who have used the above Shoutcast page, and so would like to take advantage of the resources offered (see IP listeners, listeners ban, expel emission source, etc ...). Cyberneticos maintains that enabled page. Even from the control panel CentovaCast can set the admin panel key Shoutcast.