• CyberProxy
    High Capacity Platform
    Mass for Web Traffic

  • System Load Balancing and High Availability

  • Advantages and benefits

  • Cyber Proxy system is a platform designed to spread the load of two or more visits Between servers to support a large number of simultaneous traffic. CyberProxy also offers high availability that can not be achieved on a single server. Here are some of the benefits of using CyberProxy:

  • reliability,
    safety and
  • Economic
    compared to
    other solutions
  • Totally
  • Until 100.000
    web requests
    per second
Budget request
  • Ciber elements Proxy
  • firewalls

    The firewall is used as a measure of overall security to filter unwanted traffic, configure rules against attacks, anti-hacker, anti-spam and antivirus.
    The firewall can be configured perimeter or locally on each server or a mixture of both configurations.

  • deliveryman Balancer

    This is the main server where the web traffic enters and is redirected to a server within the circle of servers. The dealer is the main actor of this platform as it is in charge of distributing alike visits between all servers achieving a perfect balancing load balancing across the entire platform. The dealer is also responsible for detecting any anomalies balancing servers. If the dealer detects an unresponsive server does not redirect traffic to the server until back is responding. All this happens in a completely transparent to the visitor.

  • Load servers

    These are the servers that ultimately put the pages, images, texts and all files of your website users or visitors.
    All servers are kept synchronized with each other and the load are spread over each other. If one of these servers has an impact, the dealer immediately detects it through a tube and traffic is distributed among the other servers thus achieving high availability on the platform. The Load servers can be replaced hot and need not be all the same. This allows great flexibility and savings in servers. Servers can be located in geographically separate locations for increased redundancy in case there is a problem with a data center or connectivity.

  • Data Servers

    This is the server that contains the databases they access the Web Servers. Balancing servers accessed locally for fast access speed. This also provides greater safety walks this server can never be accessible from outside. CyberProxy can be mounted with two or more Data Servers to provide greater redundancy and high availability.

Budget request
  • Who is it for?
  • Cyber Proxy is intended for web pages or portals with great influx of traffic
    or moments with large traffic spikes.

    In a normal situation, a single server does a good job processing moderate and balanced traffic flows. The problem occurs when your page appears suddenly announced in a television, radio, digital newspaper or any kind of event that generates an unusual sudden and concentrated peak traffic. A single server is unable to handle a large number of requests and finally collapses and their site is totally inaccessible causing huge losses. CyberProxy gives solution to this problem by spreading the load equally between servers and creating a high availability system reliable, secure, flexible, scalable and economical compared to other solutions of the same type.

    Our technicians are responsible for designing the entire system and its extent. You can decide what level of high availability and rolling want depending on your needs and budget. Contact us and we will inform you without any commitment on CyberProxy, operation, commissioning, warranty and cost.

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