Housing in Cyberneticos CPD

in Cyberneticos CPD

When looking for a CPD (data center) to host your teams are 4 key factors to consider: Security, redundancy, connectivity and support .

Cyberneticos we take very seriously all these points when host computers of our customers. We understand the importance assumed outsource internet services to a data center as ourselves before building our own data center we hosted our own racks in others. When addressing an incident response speed is possibly the most important factor that distinguishes support CPD another. Cyberneticos has technical staff on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year .

Your Server in professional hands, your server in Cyberneticos.

Data Center N+1
The Data Center Cyberneticos

The Cyberneticos Data Center is an area of access restricted.
Web servers, placed in rack cabinets are within a specially designed environment that are connected without interruption and under tight security.
Only the technicians of Cyberneticos, specialized and highly qualified, have access to these machines to perform maintenance and supervision.

Data Center as Cyberneticos, meets all standards safety and quality to offer its customers the most advanced services.
The big investment has made Cyberneticos in your data center, you can serve this kind of services to thousands of businesses and individuals worldwide.

Cyberneticos, feels an absolute respect and concern for the environment. Therefore, your Data Center conducts various techniques for reduce energy consumption, minimizing possible environmental impact with its operation.
Among other measures, monitors and controls the temperature and moisture to interact in cooling systems, thereby reducing power consumption.

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