KW Migration Wizard

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Import of Kayako to WHMCS

Cyberneticos to set KW Migration Wizard, a perfect solution to import the database ticketing system Kayako Help Desk to support WHMCS module.

Supported entities

  • Tickets
    Technical Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Predefined answers
  • News
  • Advertisements

Customizable mapping

Customizable mapping data for transfer tickets:
  • departments:

  • Change mapping departments tickets.

  • Create the department if does not exist in the target database (WHMCS).

  • Ignore departments and all related tickets during the migration process.

  • Employees:

  • Change employee allocation of tickets.

  • Create the employee in the target database (WHMCS).

  • Status:

  • Change allocation states of tickets.

  • priorities:

  • Change allocation priorities tickets.

  • optimized engine

  • Optimized to work with large
    amounts of information.

  • Process monitoring

  • Monitoring information transfer
    the progress and time remaining to finish.


Minimum requirements: Host Linux with Apache Web server 2.0 or higher, with the following configuration: Mod_rewrite active,
PHP 5.3.3 or higher, IonCube extension and PHP Loader MCrypt, SQLite support 3.7 or higher.

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