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Backup Software for Home and Office

Saves and restores a backup of your files
most in the cloud completely safely

Online Back up important documents, pictures, photos and videos from your PC Windows, Mac or Linux.

Do not wait for the hard drive of your PC nag or accidentally delete some important to try to recover because it will be too late document. Secure your documents keeping a mirror copy on secure servers and protected Cyberneticos for a small monthly payment.
Worth. Whether you work from home or your office, you can install this software and program for online copies of the files you want and with the frequency that you set.

Pricing Plans NubeCopy

Pricing Plans

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  • Plan 10GB
  • 10.000MB
  • included Free
  • 2 months free
    with annual payment
  • 5€/mo
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  • Plan 20GB
  • 20.000MB
  • included Free
  • 2 months free
    with annual payment
  • 10€/mo
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  • Plan 50GB
  • 50.000MB
  • included Free
  • 2 months free
    with annual payment
  • 19€/mo
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  • Plan 100GB
  • 100.000MB
  • included Free
  • 2 months free
    with annual payment
  • 32€/mo
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How Cloud Copy work? It's very simple

Just install the software on your PC

Select the documents you want to back up and the rest is done automatically NubeCopy

It can even be programmed to make copies when you want and with the frequency that suits you best

The software starts to compress and encode files for storage in the cloud.
Our cloud consists of our own data center type N + 1 with maximum security where stored
copies of the safest available on the Internet.

  • Total control
    con NubeCopy
    With this software, you can control every detail of your backups.

    With this software, you can control every detail of your backups, upload and download as many times as necessary. Submit complete and detailed informed of all activity. Even files are compressed to save space.
    How many times has lost hundreds data, files or important information to try to keep them in brackets they end up missing on your computer, deteriorate as in the case of CDs and DVDs or even forgetting where you left the mountains of discs and boxes. Imagine what a way to compromise customer data, the thousand accumulated bills, documentation of your company, your network software, backups, and so hundreds of reasons.

  • Safety information

    SSL connection (HTTPS).

    Encrypted data storage
    with AES 128 and 256 Bits.

Descargar Copia Regain your backup from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection
Why not use other free tools rather than NubeCopy?

There are some great tools to share files between friends and even free for some consumer accounts. Cloud Copy is a professional grade tool, fully closed and oriented secure backup of documents without Among other users sharing functionality. Your files are stored on our own servers, managed by Cyberneticos exclusively y nadie podrá acceder a sus archivos de ninguna manera sin su clave de acceso e incluso los archivos almacenados en nuestros servidores tienen una capa adicional cifrado.

For this reason, NubeCopy It is a solution much safer than other tools in the cloud. In addition, the connection between the application installed on your and our servers It is not shared with any other user and the connection is protected with technology banking level preventing access from outside or read by a third party in case of theft, external intrusion or tracking by a hacker.

If you are really concerned about security and privacy of your backups and want to know exactly how and where they are stored, NubeCopy of Cyberneticos It is the only solution that can provide this level of security, tranquility and privacy you need.

Screenshots NubeCopy

Discover the main functions and features Cloud Copy
through the following screenshots.

Click on pictures to enlarge.
  • Captures Web Panel

“Do you have an office with several computers you want to back?
We have very aggressive discounts for companies with more than 1 computer PC you need support.
Contact our Commercial department to prepare him a budget that meets your needs.

Customization Cloud Copy for Resellers
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  • Contact details on the software (in the Help window)

  • Full-size banner with custom alignment

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  • Hide "Powered by Cloud Copy"

  • Publisher EULA certificate and code-signing in

  • Cloud Copy Customizing for ResellersFree100€/mo
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