Scalable servers

powerful, versatile and configurable Servers 100%

Scalable server

Configure your server
and forget limits

Increase or decrease its resources on demand,
according to your needs without changing server.
Spanish and optimal connectivity IPs.

Manage your Scalable with DirectAdmin

The advanced hosting control panel, stable and secure

Management and Tools

maximum Management

Manage all your domains independently on the same hosting account with multiple tools to control your website.

Each site will have its own email accounts, databases, backups, FTP accounts, redirections and separated from other files.

Reseller functionality

Get maximum return on your server selling hosting plans to their customers through private label reseller functionality, showing at all times the logo of your company, create their own hosting plans and set up their resources.

Manage your server with DirectAdmin Scalable
user: demo_reseller
password: demo


SLA management

Standard SLA

Cyberneticos is responsible for maintaining and updating its Scalable server. You only have to worry about managing your website through a secure and comfortable panel DirectAdmin control.

SLA Advanced

We have an advanced management mode which includes any intervention at zero cost and unlimited total hours of interventions per month.

full reports

If you request we will send you free information, tips and full reports on server performance. And optimization tasks operating system, installation of libraries and basic modifications.

Additional functions and features

Configure your Scalable to the letter server easily

Detection tools

Detection and Prevention

Tools of prevention and detection of Trojan horses, viruses, malware and other malicious threats.

Apache SpamAssassin


Apache SpamAssassin is an excellent platform to apply filters and block the unwanted bulk mail, called spam.

CSF + LFD firewall


comprehensive, flexible and easy to configure firewall, which protects the server from attacks.



Cyber Backup backs up its Scalable, ensuring business continuity.

own infrastructure in Spain

Data center

We have own infrastructure in Spain, with a data center and high-tech redounded N+1.

Migrating to DirectAdmin


We perform the migration of cPanel to DirectAdmin, fast and transparent manner, respecting and information structure.

Now with
SSD Premium

More information

Story based on real facts

Scalable why a server is the best option

  • Marta and Luís they own an online store installed on a scalable server Cyberneticos with a standard configuration.

  • After a promotion in the media, your website starts to receive many visits and start generate transactions and sales.

  • Thanks to its scalable server can increased resources to improve their performance and their customers get an excellent experience user, and its online store a success.

  • At the end of the promotion and decreased visits, back to the previous settings.