Server Administration

Professional Service
System Administration

We provide our team of System Administrators to solve problems with your server

Systems Administrators Cyberneticos (sysadmins), possess the knowledge, experience and certification required and fully demonstrable to carry out any kind of intervention is low level or even complex tasks of restoring a complete operating system.

All our sysadmins also have unparalleled experience exercising such work in our own data center which has maintained an impeccable reputation because of this know-how and experience.

Our Great Crew

  • technical team Cyberneticos
  • Administrators qualified and certified
  • Extensive experience in data center management and virtualization platforms
  • Specialized in data recovery, operating repair complex systems and facilities
  • Extensive knowledge and experience platform

System Administration Services Professional and Transparent

Our services cover all work, whether on-site or remotely, range from a simple installation of library, data recovery disaster, to repair the operating system and complex installation.

We have several types of support that adjusts the degree of urgency and seriousness of their situation. From a simple operation to complex projects that require extensive monitoring.

Before starting any work, we will advise you clearly and full transparency, you receive detailed reports on the work done before with the same, so no surprise.

Cyberneticos technical team, it has extensive knowledge and experience platform
  1. Operating systems
  2. (Linux and Windows)
  3. Debian
  4. CentOS
  5. RedHat
  6. Ubuntu
  7. Windows Server
  1. Virtualization systems
  2. VMWare
  3. Citrix XenServer
  4. Xen Source
  5. OpenVZ
  1. Platforms and languages
    of programation
  2. Apache
  3. PHP
  4. MySQL
  5. MSSQL
  6. Java
  7. TomCat