monitoring blacklists

WEBGUARDIAN is a product of Cyberneticos CPD

Its main feature is the monitoring blacklists in
most popular Internet search engines.

Depending on the package, you can enjoy many advantages.
In which we highlight the daily scanning your web blacklisting
detection Phishing, Spam, Malware Patrol, etc ...

It also has the most advanced option, which involves counseling
by highly qualified technicians and a penetration test.

This prevents penetration test instruction web-based
and identifying security among others.

WEBGUARDIAN, guaranteed business continuity.

  - Know the risks of your website.

  - Avoid losing your business or web project.

  - Offer your customers a highly secure and reliable site.


Blacklist Monitoring Google

  • daily scan of your website in Google blacklists.
  • He received an email alert if your domain appears on a blacklist of Google, so you can act quickly.
  • Totally free! Subscribe all your domains to this totally free service Unlimited domains!

Reputation Monitoring

  • daily scanning of blacklists including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • blacklisting of malicious code such as Malware Patrol and Malware URL.
  • DNS blacklists.
  • Phishing blacklists as Phishtank.
  • spam blacklists like SpamCop and more.

Monitoring of Health Domain

  • Be the first to know that your site has been infected with malicious code.
  • Correct the problem before it is included in a blacklist.
  • Notices detailing hazards found.
  • Suggestions on how to remove malicious code and instructions on how to be removed from the blacklists.
  • Including daily scanning of blacklists Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • blacklisting of malicious code Malware Patrol: such as Malware and URL.
  • It includes all services Reputation Monitoring.
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