Cyberneticos CPD is a data center that provides professional hosting services and web servers

Cyberneticos CPD

Cybernetics hosts its servers in its own data center. This gives you the advantage of not having to rely on outsourced housing services.

Our data center is completely innovative in development, technology and respect for the environment.

Its main offices, located in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), have been designed with different spaces for the comfort of the human team and their work in the day to day.


Cyberneticos was founded in June of 2005, in the Sevillano municipality of Morón de la Frontera.

Initially I commercialized hosting as a reseller, some extensions of domains and web design among others. It could be said that, although it did not have many clients at that time, it was a project full of illusions and with great expectations of future.

After much effort and dedication, the Cybernetics team grew along with its client portfolio. This gave way to the possibility of expanding the business area and the company's human resources, to finally move its facilities to its current location, El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz).


The way to understand Cybernetics technology has been to advance and give an agile response to the demands of the market, favoring a rapid international expansion and an excellent social welcome to its commercial proposal. A transparent proposal based on firm and solid commitments for the benefit of its customers.

The principles that govern the commitment of Cybernetics, in matters of Corporate Responsibility, are the good faith in the establishment of relations with customers.

Cyberneticos More than 10,000 customers worldwide, which together hold more than 35,000 e-commerce on our servers, endorse the quality of our products and services.
Cybernetic Customer Map

The Human Team

The corporate culture of Cyberneticos is based on teamwork, open communication and a high level of demand.

These principles are the basis of personal commitment with a task that is focused on the satisfaction of our customers. The company offers its employees a dynamic environment where ideas are valued and bets on stability in employment and continuous training. The staff of Cyberneticos is highly qualified, both academically and professionally.

Anthony Lydick Ramos

Executive Director  

Natalia Martín Nuñez

Dir.ª Admón.
Dept. Administration and HR

Roberto León de la Rosa

General Director

Alberto Delgado Pichaco

Operations Management
Technical Support Dept

Benito Herrera Olalla

Technical Support Dept

Jorge Rivas Márquez

Technical Support Dept

Silviu Antoniu Depner

Technical Support Dept

Juan Carlos Rico

Technical Support Dept

José Manuel Rivera Jiménez

Technical Support Dept

Javier Fuentes Albendin

Technical Support Dept

Cristina Sáez Braza

Commercial Department

Mariola Martín Nuñez

Accounting Department

A Green Data Center

The corporate culture of Cyberneticos is based on teamwork,
Open communication and a high level of demand.

Green CPD Cyberneticos

When I made the decision to build our own data center, my immediate concern was the environmental impact my decision was going to cause. Since childhood I have been a lover of nature. I am aware that every time we turn on any appliance, we are contributing to more CO2 emissions. Therefore, every step, idea and change that has been made during the design of our data center has been carried out with this in mind.

I am proud to have been able to build a data center that consumes up to 80% less energy than any traditional CPD thanks to these decisions. At the same time we have managed to optimize the performance of our servers, save on operating expenses and increase the amount of processing per square meter offered by our CPD.

This is why we consider ourselves a green data center.

Anthony Lydick
CEO - Cyberneticos CPD

Where we are

Cyberneticos Hosting SL
CIF: B91647842
Isaac Newton Avenue, 288, Building 8 - Industrial Park "Las Salinas"
11500 - El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz. Spain
Customer Support: +34 902 003 956 / +34 956 929 111


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