Affiliate Program

Get economic benefits with our affiliate system

Earn money with your website

Make money online is easy with Cyberneticos, is also a free 100% system and register with our affiliate system, we offer 5.00€ credit in your account.

At the time you register we provide a series of predesigned banner of various sizes and colors, will also have its own affiliate code to use as you wish.

For every sale made with your code you get a 10% Gain, when you have exceeded € 25.00 you can withdraw your money directly to your bank account or PayPal account. In addition if you can convert customer gains credits that will allow you to recruit and renew their products Cyberneticos.

Example Table
Product Price Product Gain
Multidominio Hosting MEDIUM 13,20€/mo 1,32€/mo
VPS Basic 32,10€/mo 3,21€/mo
Scalable Server series 79,00€/mo 7,90€/mo
Total Monthly Earnings 12,43€
Total Annual Profit 149,16€

How does it work

Our affiliate system works through a personal code and cookies which generates our website (See more about cookies).

This lets us know when a visitor Cyberneticos access from an affiliate banner. Thus all purchases made by visitors to our affiliate program attendence products, will be commissioned by you without any limits or restrictions. The more sales through your affiliate code are made more money you earn.

If the visitor does not buy at the moment, but if you get it on another occasion, our system will detect it immediately, even without going through affiliate advertising. This will occur whenever the visitor's browser still holds almacenanda the cookie with the affiliate code.

You must know...

The products covered by the affiliate program are all plans Multi-domain hosting, VPS, Scalable servers, Megablocks, Servidores Streaming y Dedicated servers. Are domains, accessories and refills services excluded from the program.

Commissions are paid once past 45 days since the purchase is made, provided that the user has not discharged the service previously. For more information read the General contract or contact our sales department to report on all the details of our affiliate program.

Register for the program

The offer includes 5.00€ in commissions just start