If DirectAdmin is the best hosting control panel.
Now with the Skin CyberAdmin, it's even easier to manage and the more visually comfortable

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4,00€ Monthly
19,00€ Annual (1,58€/month)
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  • Fully redesigned look and usability
  • Intuitive and organized workflow
  • 3 smart navigation methods
  • Shortcuts often used
  • New revolutionary quick access widgets
  • Compatible with CloudLinux technology
  • Home reseller redesigned
  • Homepage redesigned user
  • Homepage redesigned admin
  • Configuration White Mark
  • Anti-fatigue color scheme
  • Compatible with all browsers

Appearance and redesigned usability

Skin DirectAdmin has a completely redesigned look and usability, with an intuitive and organized workflow. Since the foundation of Cybernetics in 2005, our technical team, together with more than 10,000 of our customers, use the DirectAdmin control panel day by day. That is why we have acquired a long experience in its control and management, which we have reflected when designing the graphic interface of the skin CyberAdmin from scratch.

Three intelligent navigation methods

We have optimized working time by improving navigation between functions:

Access to drop-down menus from any section. You can navigate quickly from one function to another.

Through shortcuts, where we have included the most important options of the corresponding level.

And finally a horizontal menu that shows the options of the section where you are at a certain time.

New quick access widgets and frequently used shortcuts

In Skin CyberAdmin, we have included a series of widgets and shortcuts, where you can access the most used functions directly, from adding a new domain, or creating an FTP account and in the case of being a Reseller or Administrator, creating users of a Direct way.

Admin Level

On the home page or summary of the Administrator level, it reflects the parameters, information and tools most used by an administrator. It will be able to display the activity of the server, the status of the account and the functioning of the modules.

Demo Online
User: demo_admin
Password: demo

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Reseller Level

Following the same structure emphasis, in the Reseller level home page, we have included the most important information and most used tools of the level. So at a glance, you get all the important information.

Demo Online
User: demo_reseller
Password: demo

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User level

The User level home page displays a multidomain listing. And from each of them, can be configured and managed. Once inside the domain, another home page is displayed where all the configurable options can be accessed.

Demo Online
User: demo_user
Password: demo

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Compatible design

CyberAdmin is compatible with the most popular web browsers. Fits all mobile devices and computer equipment.

Anti-fatigue colors

CyberAdmin has an anti-fatigue color gamut with which you can work for hours, all without undermining design quality.

Multi Language Language

CyberAdmin is available in three languages: Spanish, English and French. New languages will be added soon.