CyberBackup Hosting Pro, system automated backups

CyberBackup Pro Hosting

Advanced system for automated backups for your hosting account

CyberBackup Hosting Pro is a highly reliable service, where you can recover your backups just request to our support department at no additional cost

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Sistema automatizado

Automated system

Everything under control

The CyberBackup Pro Hosting system automatically makes a backup of all your hosting plan, performing 4 copies a week and stored up to 10 copies. In addition to these copies monthly punctually maintains one copy of some months (never more than a year old).

You can contract at any time with our Technical Support Department to consult copies are available and decide which is best suit you.

Safeguard your business

All advantages

Safeguard your business

It also has the advantage that the backups generated by Pro Hosting CyberBackup not take up space in your hosting plan, since the copies are stored on our servers, which are redundant and optimized for it.

Thus, if at any time your website is compromised, there arises a mistake and want to recover and restore your hosting plan, Cyber Hosting Backup Pro is the solution.

Benefits CyberBackup Pro Hosting

CyberBackup Pro Hosting benefits

  • Stop worrying about backup manually
  • Optimization of time and resources
  • Making room on your hosting account
  • Safeguard the continuity of your business online
  • Technical assistance is available 24 hours Cyberneticos
For 1 € per month (annual payment) Order Now

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