High Capacity Platform for Massive Web Traffic

Load Balancing System and High Availability: Advantages and benefits

The CyberProxy system is a platform designed to spread the load of visits between two or more servers to sustain a large influx of simultaneous traffic. CyberProxy also offers high availability that can not be achieved on a single server. Here are some of the benefits of using CyberProxy.

CyberProxy - Load Balancer
Reliability, security and scalability
Economic compared to other solutions
Totally transparent to the user
Up to 100,000 web requests per second

CyberProxy Elements

Data Servers

This server is the one that contains the databases that Web servers access. Rolling servers access locally for fast access speed. This also provides greater security since this server can never be accessible from outside. CyberProxy can be mounted with two or more Data Servers for greater redundancy and high availability.


The firewall is used as a general security measure to filter unwanted traffic, configure rules against attacks, anti-hacker, antispam and antivirus.

The firewall can be configured perimeter or local on each server or a mixture of both configurations.


These are the servers that finally dispatch the pages, images, texts and all the files of your web page to the users or visitors.

All servers are synchronized with each other and are the ones that distribute the load to each other. In case one of these servers has an incident, the dispatcher immediately detects it by means of a probe and the traffic is distributed among the other servers thus obtaining a high availability in the platform. Load servers can be replaced hot and do not have to be all the same. This allows you great flexibility and savings on servers. Servers can be located in geographically separate locations to achieve greater redundancy in case there is a problem with a data center or its connectivity.

Balance Balancer

This is the main server through which web traffic enters and is redirected to a server within the server cluster. The dealer is the main player of this platform since it is the one in charge to distribute equally the visits between all the servers of swinging obtaining a perfect balance of load in the whole platform. The dispatcher is also responsible for detecting any anomaly with the balancing servers. If the dispatcher detects that a server that is not responding does not redirect traffic to this server until it is responding again. All this happens in a totally transparent way to the visitor.