Dedicated servers

Power, stability, flexibility, performance and security

With our dedicated servers offer performance and safety. These servers are not shared with any other user or company. Thus, the server is unique for you, without sharing disk space, RAM, processor, connection or other resource.

professional, powerful and secure hosting Cyberneticos
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With satisfaction guarantee 15 days you can test your server without any commitment.

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Unlimited databases Cyberneticos

ROOT access

By hiring the server will get
ROOT access if desired

Dedicated Servers currently available

  • Dedicated server

    Server OFX321 [ REF OFX321 ]
  • Intel® Xeon® CPU E5620 2,40GHz (4 cores)

    16 GB RAM Memory

    2 x 1 TB HDD Raid Hardware

    4 TB Monthly Traffic

    1 Gbps Full-Duplex

    Location: Netherlands


  • 119€/mo
  • Dedicated server

    Server OFX212 [ REF OFX212 ]
  • Intel® Xeon® CPU X3440 2,53GHz (4 cores)

    8 GB RAM Memory

    2 x 1 TB HDD Raid Software

    4 TB Monthly Traffic

    1 Gbps Full-Duplex

    Location: Netherlands


  • 109€/mo
  • Dedicated server

    Server OFX241 [ REF OFX241 ]
  • Intel® Xeon® CPU X3440 2,53GHz (4 cores)

    8 GB RAM Memory

    2 x 1 TB HDD Raid Software

    4 TB Monthly Traffic

    100 Mbps Full-Duplex

    Location: Netherlands


  • 99€/mo
  • Dedicated server

    Server OFX220 [ REF OFX220 ]
  • Intel® Xeon® CPU X3440 2,53GHz (4 cores)

    8 GB RAM Memory

    2 x 500 GB HDD Raid Software

    4 TB Monthly Traffic

    1 Gbps Full-Duplex

    Location: Netherlands


  • 99€/mo

Server Managed by Cyberneticos
Managed servers
for Cyberneticos

Trust us

Service Request Management
with DirectAdmin control panel

Request Management service so you can enjoy all the advantages of our guaranteed support of Cyberneticos. With which you can count on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our technicians shall solve any incidents that may occur with your Dedicated server.


Your Server optimized and updated
by technicians Cyberneticos

The Cyberneticos technicians are always outstanding performance of your server, handling all technical issues and maintenance updates with new control panel, operating system and any critical application for secure and optimized this operation.

Full service

It includes:

  • Administration 100%
  • DirectAdmin control panel
  • Installatron
  • Skin CyberAdmin
  • Technical support 24 hours
Everything for

Scalable servers

IP Spanish and SLA Administration

Our versatile scalable servers offer high performance optical connectivity,
They are fully configurable on demand, enabling increase or decrease its resources as needed.

Server Escalable

Manage Your Server with DirectAdmin and CyberAdmin

DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel Demo Online Admin

User: demo_admin
Key: demo


Control Panel multidomain hosting

Equip your Server with the DirectAdmin control panel, the control panel hosting more advanced, stable and secure market multidomain. With the you can create users, hosting plans, in addition to hundreds of available tools and functions.

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Easily manage your control panel

When managing DirectAdmin, it will comfortably thanks to CyberAdmin Skin developed by the team Cyberneticos. Skin that provides a flow of unprecedented intuitive and organized labor.

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Discover DirectAdmin through screenshots

  • Domain List
  • Create New Domain
  • Tools
  • Changing Domain
  • Manage FTP
  • Email mail accounts
  • MySQL
  • Create Database
  • configure Message
  • History
  • redirect Domain
  • File Manager
  • Backup
  • Detalles
  • WebMail access
Important information

Dedicated servers that appear on this page are delivered no control panel and unmanaged . To add a control panel and / or choose a particular operating system, you may have a charge .

Physically our dedicated servers are located in the data center Evoswitch located in Haarlem, Netherlands. If you need a Server in our CPD of Spain we recommend hiring a Scalable Server .

The list of servers that appears on this page is updated every 24 hours approximately , so perhaps the Server in which you are interested is not available, however our team will try to find a Server with similar features and price.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to make hiring. You can also contact by email indicating the reference code Server on which you are interested and our Department. Commercial will respond as soon as possible.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions Dedicated servers
  • When I can have my Server once the purchase?

    All servers are delivered between 24 and 48 working hours from the time making the payment. Servers normally deliver within 24 hours. If you need your Server urgently, please contact us to make your order as urgent and will deliver its Server in the shortest possible time without any additional cost.

  • Will I have access ROOT my Server?

    Yes. Only you can access your Dedicated server using your username and password ROOT your Server. The Server is delivered with a new copy of the operating system you selected newly installed and your access data. From this moment, you are responsible for managing your Server.

  • Can I use my Server for streaming, storage and similar applications?

    Yes. We recommend you consider the bandwidth and monthly traffic consume plans when choosing your Dedicated server unmanaged.

  • What does unmanaged?

    It is important to know the meaning of a Server "unmanaged". It represents that only you can access your Server and therefore only you can manage it. Cyberneticos at any time access the Server. In case you need help solving a problem that has caused, it is billed depending on the complexity of the assistance you need. These servers are designed so that only you give, the only responsible for what you install on it and the problems you may have with the operating system and applications to install. Cyberneticos only limited to replacing any peripheral hardware if it fails. You will also be solely responsible to make their own backups. For more information see Article 4.2 of the general contract.

  • I can use my Dedicated server to virtualize?

    Yes. These servers come with the operating system you choose and are not delivered with any virtualization layer giving complete freedom to install whatever you need.

Please, if you still have any doubt
contact our Sales Department.