FTP Servers

Store your important files and access them at any time.

Cybernetics FTP Servers

Professional Storage Solution

FTP Servers are basic storage services
to save any document, file, backup, etc.

The FTP protocol is universal and allows you to access external servers, FTP programs on your PC or from any browser with your private access key. It is fast, simple and effective. From your control panel you can create several FTP accounts for different uses at a time if you wish.

Your files always available

Access them from
Any place with internet access

Our FTP servers are secure and constantly backed up, so you can store information securely and reliably. Another use is to use the FTP Servers as secondary backup system in a location geographically different from the one of its main copies.

Server Disk Space Price
FTP Storage 1GB 0,50€
FTP Storage 5GB 2,50€
FTP Storage 10GB 5,00€
FTP Storage Hasta 500GB 250,00€
Safe and reliable storage

Safe and reliable storage

Keep valuable information

Cybernetics makes backup copies of all FTP servers, so you can be confident in storing valuable information securely and reliably.

Secondary Backups FTP Server

Secondary backups

Backup Storage

Use the FTP Server as the secondary backup system in a location geographically different from your primary backups.

Alojamiento para archivos Servidor FTP

File Hosting

Store your files

The FTP Servers are valid to save the files (photographs, documents, etc ...), this manaera will have an online storage disk.