Megablock Servers

Megablock Servers
  • Dell PowerEdge C6100 1 Complete Node
  • 48GB DDR3 1333Mhz [ Extendable to 96GB ]
  • Flow 100Mbit Burstable
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • 2 x HexaCore * AMD Opteron 4180 [ 12 Cores ]
  • 6 x 500GB Nearline SAS Hotswap [ 1.3TB in RAID10 ]
  • Spanish IP
  • Cybermóvil PRO
Virtual Servers

Manage resources

Take advantage of all the resources that a Megablock Server offers you to create powerful private servers or hundreds of hosting accounts.

Extend to a Megablock Servers

Our servers deliver unprecedented performance and power. Thanks to the resources they have, they can host important websites that receive thousands of daily visits and process millions of data and requests.

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Uses that can be given to your server

----- Megablock Servers


SolusVM, Proxmox, Xen, OpenVZ, VMware, KVM, etc ...

With the virtualization option, you can create a Hosting company and offer your clients from hosting accounts to high capacity VPS Servers.

----- Servidor de Respaldo Megablocks

High Capacity Web Servers

If your project requires large amount of memory and CPU.

Thanks to the large amount of memory and CPU, you can host web portals, social networks, large online stores with thousands of visits and transactions.

----- Servidor Almacenamiento de datos Críticos

Critical Data Storage

Databases, backups, etc...

Make it into a virtual safe where you safeguard your company's backups, host large databases, or even create a cloud storage system.

----- Servidor de respaldo Megablocks

Backup Server

Remote mirror server copy, load balancer, etc...

Because of the great power of a Megablock Server, you can make mirror copies of remote servers, load balancer, etc...


  • Unmanaged, with the operating system of your choice
  • Administration with DirectAdmin and Installatron CFS. Server maintenance and update
  • Operating system of your choice
  • Professional class SSD

Configure your Megablock Server

Megablock Server

Dell PowerEdge C610X

Each node is a fully independent blade, with its own processors, memory slots, and hot-swappable disks. These nodes independently have each other two NIC network cards of 1Gbit each.

The only thing shared by the nodes is the chassis and the double power supply, which is redundant for maximum reliability and operability. This saves space and electricity consumption without compromising or sharing the power of each node.
We can say that each of them, is an independent dedicated server with its own resources.