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NubeCopy: Backup Software for Home and Office

Back up your files and keep them in the cloud

Make online backups of all important documents, pictures, photos and videos that are on a computer (Windows, Mac and Linux).

Simple Operation

The software will start compressing the files and encoding them to store them in the cloud.

Instalar NubeCopyInstall the NubeCopy on your computer
Select documentsSelect the documents you want to back up and the rest automatically does NubeCopy
Schedule copiesSchedule the copies at the time and with the periodicity that best suits you.
Customizing NubeCopy for Resellers Web Access Discount Price Contract
Plan 10GB Free 2 Months Free with annual payment 5,00€/mo Order
Plan 20GB Free 2 Months Free with annual payment 10,00€/mo Order
Plan 50GB Free 2 Months Free with annual payment 19,00€/mo Order
Plan 100GB Free 2 Months Free with annual payment 32,00€/mo Order
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Full control with NubeCopy

Recover your backup from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection

NubeCopy allows you to control all the details of your backups, create detailed reports, compress your generated copies to save space. The backups of your system can be downloaded as many times as you need.

Safety information:
SSL connection (HTTPS) with data storage encrypted with AES 128 and 256 bits.

NubeCopy Reseller

Make a profit selling the NubeCopy system to its white label customers Offer your customers the service of saving and recovering your files by backing up to the cloud in a completely secure way
Customizing NubeCopy for Resellers Standar Premium
Name of the application YES YES
Logo in the installer software YES YES
Contact details in the software (in the help window) YES YES
Full-size banner with custom alignment - YES
Application icons - YES
Hide "Powered by NubeCopy" - YES
EULA Certificate and Publisher in code-signing - -