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NubeCopy Reseller

Make a profit by selling the NubeCopy system to your white label customers

Offer your customers the service of saving and recovering your files by backing up to the cloud in a completely secure way

With NubeCopy Reseller you can customize:

Customizing NubeCopy for Resellers Standar Premium
Name of the application YES YES
Logo in the installer software YES YES
Contact details in the software (in the help window) YES YES
Full-size banner with custom alignment - YES
Application icons - YES
Hide "Powered by NubeCopy" - YES
EULA Certificate and Publisher in code-signing - -

The Name of the application

Create your own Backup and Commercial product among your customers

Logo in the installer software

When a client installs the software on your computer, your company logo or copy product will appear online at any time

Full size banner

Customize the graphic appearance of the software by modifying the full size banner, you can even choose the alignment and position of this.

Application icons

Create your own installation and shortcut icons for the application.

Contact details in the software

When a customer clicks on the help window, their contact information previously configured in the Nubecopy Reseller control panel will appear.

Other Functions

Hide "Powered by NubeCopy".

EULA Certificate and Publisher in code-signing

Screenshots of NubeCopy

Discover the main features and features of NubeCopy through the screenshots below.