professional, powerful and secure hosting Cyberneticos
Planes de Hosting con discos SSD

Unlimited Multidomain
hosting plans

Professional, powerful and secure hosting

Our hosting plans are unlimited multidomain. It can accommodate all your domains unlimited in the same hosting plan, all without having to hire a hosting for each domain.

Hosting plans with DirectAdmin,
unlimited multidomain panel.

All plans come with DirectAdmin web control panel, which has many tools
necessary for a webmaster, allowing you to stay in the same account all your web pages and their customers.

Unlimited FTP accounts Cyberneticos

Unlimited FTP Accounts

Create an FTP account for each user and / or an FTP account for each domain that is associated with the multidomain plan. The only limit, the space of your hosting account. Since has Unlimited FTP Accounts.

Unlimited Email Accounts Cyberneticos

Unlimited Email Accounts

Create all the email accounts you need. The limit will be hired space in your hosting account. You have POP3, IMAP and WebMail. Set up your mail account on any device, or access your mail via RoundCube, the best panel webmail

Unlimited Databases Cyberneticos

Unlimited Databases

You can create a database for each domain hosted on your account multidomain hosting. Or have multiple databases to a single domain. There are no limits, because it has to Databases Unlimited hosting plan.

estadísticas AWStats y Webalizer

Web Statistics

Using statistics of use and graphics with granular details you will have a complete view about all the activity and consumption of resources of your hosting account.

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Installatron More than 150 programs already included


The plan Multidomain Hosting has Installatron, a system that allows you to install with just a few clicks more than 150 applications such as Wordpress, Prestashop, Forums, Photo galleries, etc.

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Cyberneticos Unlimited Multidomain Hosting Plans

unlimited multidomain

2GB Disk

20GB Monthly

Hosting Professional

unlimited multidomain

4GB Disk

40GB Monthly

Hosting Personal

unlimited multidomain

8GB Disk

80GB Monthly

Hosting Medio
14,52€/mo 10% discount with annual payment

unlimited multidomain

16GB Disk

160GB Monthly

Hosting Advanced
21,45€/mo 20% discount with annual payment

unlimited multidomain

24GB Disk

240GB Monthly

Hosting Professional
30,03€/mo 20% discount with annual payment

All hosting plans include:

Hosted domains unlimited

Mail accounts unlimited

Databases unlimited

FTP accounts unlimited

  • Multidomain Hosting
    All of your domains under one roof
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
    Advanced multilanguage web control panel
  • AWStats Webalizer statistics
    Real-time statistics of your website
  • POP3, IMAP and Webmail
    Unlimited email accounts
  • Installatron
    More than 150 free apps: Wordpress, Prestashop, etc.
  • SSD Hosting+ INFO
    Our servers are equipped with SSD drives.
  • AntiSpam and Firewall
    Configure Anti Spam rules and Firewall
  • PHP, Apache and MySQL included
    The latest stable versions for your web projects
  • Tech Support 24 hours
    Our support staff are available 24/7
  • Cybermóvil PRO app
    Essential application for customers Cyberneticos
  • Satisfaction guarantee 15 days
    Try our products for 15 days
  • Spanish IP
    We manage our own IP network
  • FREE domain registration the first year
    When you order a yearly Hosting plan
    (.es - .com - .net - .org - .info)

SSD Disks

Our hosting servers are
equipped with SSD Disks

Hosting plans offer optimal performance thanks to our hosting servers that have SSD technology. Allowing in a fraction of time consultations to databases of online stores, CMS as wordpress, forums, etc.

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 SSD Disks

Manage your Hosting with DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin: Control Panel Multi Domain Hosting Demo Online User

Usuario: demo_user
Password: demo


Control Panel Multi Domain Hosting

DirectAdmin is the Control Panel insurance market Multi Domain Hosting more Advanced and stable. Manage all your domains independently on the same hosting account with multiple tools to control your website. Each site will have its own Mail accounts, Databases, backup, FTP accounts, redirections and separated from other files.

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Easily manage your control panel

Within your hosting control panel you will find all the tools you may need a Professional webmaster to control the most of your website (redirections, email accounts, ftp, Databases, files, statistics). These tasks are managed comfortably with the Skin CyberAdmin, which is fully developed by the team Cyberneticos, providing a flow of intuitive and organized.

DirectAdmin screenshots*

  • Summary User: Domain List
  • Create Domain
  • Drop Down Tools
  • Domain Tools
  • Modify Domain
  • Create FTP
  • Email Accounts
  • MySQL Management
  • Data Management: Create Database
  • Set up Holiday Message
  • Access History
  • Site / Domain Redirections
  • File manager
  • Site backup
  • User Details
  • WebMail Access - RoundCube
*Multidomain Hosting Version

Functions and Features
Additional plan for Hosting

POP3 mail settings, IMAP and Webmail Hosting

All our Multi Domain Hosting plans offer mail settings POP3, IMAP and Webmail.

latest stable version of PHP

We always use the latest stable version of PHP. So we accelerated the proper functioning of all scripts or programs you install on your own.

latest version of Apache

This is the latest version of Apache. All our servers carry the latest stable version of Apache 2 for maximum safety.

latest stable version MySQL

The Databases are the latest stable version. We have several modules installed by default, but if you need special one we can install it.

reglas AntiSpam

You can set your own rules AntiSpam. All hosting servers also combat spam with RBL lists in real time.

firewalls installed and enabled

All hosting plans and bring a default installed and enabled firewalls. If you need any special configuration, simply pedírnosla.

FAQ | Preguntas Frecuentes de Multidomain Hosting
  • When I can have my hosting plan?

    Your Hosting plan will be available after payment, instantly receive an email with the access data to your DirectAdmin Control Panel.

  • Do I have to Order Hosting plan for each domain?

    You can host all their domains in the same hosting plan without a plan Order for each domain.

  • How many domains can be hosted on my hosting account?

    It could accommodate all domains need, as Cyberneticos hosting plans are unlimited multidomain.

  • How many email accounts can I create?

    You can create as many email accounts as you need Email in all domains that have hosted on your hosting plan, the limit will be in the contracted space.

  • Can I access my email from the browser?

    Yes, you can access your email from any device with an Internet connection via the browser and WebMail system.

  • Free domain registration by annual contract

    At the time of hiring a Multidomain Hosting plan, the registration of a domain is free for the first year (.es - .com - .net - .org - .info). Renewals and transfers are excluded from this promotion.

  • What if all the occupied disk space in my hosting plan?

    In the case That the disk space in your hosting account is complete, you will Have to make a release of space or Order to higher plan. This change of plan is instant, Just have to make the extension from the customer area.

  • Do Installatron applications are free?

    Yes, you have more than 150 free applications ready to use. In less than 5 minutes you can have installed on your hosting plan from Wordpress, Prestashop, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, etc. Nor will limit installations and can install as many web applications as you need for your project.

    Yes, you have more than 150 free applications ready to use. In less than 5 minutes you can have installed on your hosting plan from Wordpress, Prestashop, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, etc. Nor will limit installations and can install as many web applications as you need for your project.

  • ¿Have the total contracted myspace?

    If, when hosting plans, you will have all the space hired his plan.

  • How backups work?

    You can make backups of your hosting plan manually from your DirectAdmin Control Panel. If you have installed an application from Installatron, you can configure from the copies of your website automatically. Or you can Order CyberBackup Pro Hosting, which automatically and unused disk space in your hosting plan, will perform full backups of your hosting account..

  • Can I install let's encrypt on my hosting server?

    Yes, all shared hostings are prepared to support let's encrypt.

Please, if you still have any doubt
contact our Sales Department.