Now Cybermóvil PRO is free for all Cyberneticos customers.

Cybermóvil Aplicación
Fran, systems administrator
While taking care of your child you can control
the status of your Scalable Server and current resources.

Advanced functions

The application Cybermóvil is an essential tool for all Cyberneticos customers

  • Create email accounts
  • Email and website redirects
  • Holiday response
  • Restart the server
    (VPS Servers, Scalable Servers and Dedicated Servers)
  • Viewing resources of the contracted services
  • Create FTP accounts and Backups
  • Manage your files

Notification center

At all times you will be notified of the activity in your contracted services Cyberneticos. You will get billing notifications, domain expiration, incident management, etc ...

  • Automatic notification system (Push Notifications)
  • Alerts invoices and delivery notes generated
  • Notifications of services to expire
  • Notice of domains about to expire
Cybermóvil Aplicación
Marian, entrepreneur
Travel constantly, but be informed at all times
of the status of your contracted services.
Cybermóvil Aplicación
Sandra, web developer
While walking his puppy Kuko,
You can manage your queries with Cyberneticos.

Advanced incident system

From wherever you are, with Cybermóvil PRO you can create incidents and manage them completely easily.

  • Create new incidences from anywhere
  • Create new incidences from anywhere(answer, close, etc ...)
  • Receive response notifications instantly (PUSH)


With the application Cybermóvil You can always be up to date and in every moment of the state of your contracted domains.

  • Notifications of domains about to expire
  • Domain registration search engine
  • Filter and view the details of the domains
  • Domain management (create email accounts, etc ...)
  • Create Web redirects
  • Management of subdomains
Cybermóvil Aplicación
Alfonso, owner online store
Through the application Cybermóvil you are creating an email account for a new employee of your online store about Fishing.

Cybermóvil PRO Version 1.4

  • FTP accounts (create, edit, permissions, delete, etc ...)
  • Backups (configurar, crear, restaurar, eliminar, etc...)
  • File Management (view text files - .txt, .php, .html, etc ... - and images, create folders, delete, permissions, rename, etc ...)
  • BBDD management (create, edit, delete, etc ...)
  • Web redirects (create, edit, delete, etc ...)
  • Management of subdomains (create, edit, delete, etc ...)

  • Viewing Contracted Services
  • Search for Contracted Services
  • Filter by service states (alert, assets, pending, suspended, etc ...)
  • Summary of service states
  • Details of services
  • Viewing hosted domains
  • Administration of hosted domains
  • Management of status of contracted servers (start and restart)

  • Viewing Contracted Domains
  • Domain Detail
  • Search for Contracted Domains
  • Filter by states of contracted domains (alert, active, expired, canceled, etc ...)
  • Domain registration search engine
  • Display mail accounts
  • Manage email accounts
  • View Catch-All Email
  • Catch-All Email Configuration
  • Display mail redirects
  • Manage mail redirects
  • Display automatic responses
  • Manage automatic responses
  • View vacation messages
  • Manage holiday messages
  • Display SpamAssasim
  • Configuration of SpamAssasim
  • Display antispam filters
  • Configuration antispam filters
  • Display email lists
  • Manage email lists

  • Display of Invoices / Delivery Notes
  • Detail of invoice / delivery note
  • Search of Invoices / Delivery Notes
  • Filter by states Invoices / Delivery Notes (alert, paid, pending, etc ...)

  • Create Incidence
  • Manage Incidence (answer and close)
  • Incident detail
  • Search Incidents
  • Filter by incident status (alert, attended, answered, closed, etc ...)

Requirements and installation instructions

  • 01. Request your license code through the following button.
    Activate license

    At your client email address, you will receive the license code and the download link. This code will also appear in Contracted Services in your customer area.
  • 02. After obtaining the license code, download the application from Google Play using the following button.

    You can also search for "Cybermóvil PRO" in Google Play from your mobile.
  • 03. Run the application and enter your customer access data in Cybernetics and your license code Obtained in the first step.
    Access data