It is an advanced mobile application that allows you to manage your hosting plan, domains, email accounts and customer area.

Wherever you go you can create email accounts,
manage your hosted files, manage and create
backups, create FTP accounts, always have
of multiple functions that can be performed from your Smartphone.

Herramientas Hosting

Cybermóvil PRO is the power to manage your plans
hosting with one hand and from anywhere.

  • FTP
  • Domain redirections
  • Backups
  • MySQL
  • File manager
  • Subdomains
  • Change Password

Find out more about Cybermóvil PRO

  • Herramientas Email con Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Herramientas Hosting con Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Creación de cuentas de correo con Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Cree sus cuentas FTP con Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Buscador de dominios con Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Crea y configure su mensaje de vacaciones con Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Ahora cambiar la contraseña es mucho más fácil con Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Desde su dispositivo, acceda a los archivos alojados en su Hosting gracias a Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos
  • Edite permisos, renombre archivos, eliminelos desde Cybermóvil PRO de Cyberneticos


Hosting Management

On your mobile device you will have all the hosting tools to be able to manage all your plans, facilitating your daily work.

Mail accounts

It is no longer necessary to have to resort to a PC to create email accounts for some employee, client, or for yourself. With Cybermóvil PRO you can do it at any time.


At any time or place you will receive notifications of the status of your services contracted in Cybernetics, as well as the renewal of domains.

Tools (NEW)

  • FTP accounts
    (create, edit, permissions, delete, etc ...).
  • Backups
    (configure, create, restore, delete, etc ...).
  • File management
    (visualize text files and images,
    create folders, delete, permissions, rename, etc ...)
  • Management of BBDD
    (create, edit, delete, etc ...).
  • Web redirects
    (create, edit, delete, etc ...).
  • Subdomain Management
    (create, edit, delete, etc ...).


  • Viewing of Contracted Services.
  • Search for Contracted Services.
  • Filter by service states
    (alert, assets, pending, suspended, etc ...).
  • Summary of service states.
  • Details of services.
  • Display of hosted domains.
  • Administration of hosted domains.
  • Management of status of contracted servers
    (start and restart).


  • Create Incidence
  • Manage Incidence
    (answer and close).
  • Detail of incidence.
  • Search Incidents.
  • Filter by Incident status
    (alert, attended, answered, closed, etc ...).


  • Display of Invoices / Delivery Notes.
  • Detail of invoice / delivery note.
  • Search of Invoices / Delivery Notes.
  • Filter by states Invoices / Delivery Notes
    (alert, paid, pending, etc ...).


  • View mail accounts.
  • Manage email accounts.
  • View Catch-All Email.
  • Catch-All Email configuration.
  • Display mail redirects.
  • Manage mail redirects.
  • Display automatic responses.
  • Manage automatic responses.
  • View holiday messages.
  • Manage holiday messages.
  • View SpamAssasim.
  • SpamAssasim configuration.
  • Display antispam filters.
  • Antispam filters configuration.
  • Display email lists.
  • Manage email lists.


  • Display of Contracted Domains.
  • Domain Detail.
  • Search for Contracted Domains.
  • Search for Contracted Domains.
    (alert, active, expired, canceled, etc ...).
  • Domain registration search engine.

    How to install and use Cybermóvil PRO

  • STEP 01.

    Get your free license Cybermóvil PRO.
  • 01. Activate your free license through the following button.
  • 02. Once the license is processed you will receive it in an email along with the download link of the application.
  • The license will also appear on your Customer area in Hired services.
  • STEP 02

    Install Cybermóvil PRO on your Android device.
  • 01.The application of Cybermóvil PRO can be obtained through the following methods:
    A. Search Cybermóvil in the app store Google Play of your Android.
    B.Download Cybermóvil PRO through the following link. Download Cybermóvil PRO.
  • 02. Once the application is installed and executed, enter your Cybernetics Clients credentials and your License code.
  • 03. enjoy of Cybermóvil PROand all its advantages.