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Virtual Private Servers


VPS Servers (Virtual Private Server) 100% managed by our technicians. With systems Linux and virtualized Xen technology, come they equipped with web control panel multidomain DirectAdmin

Guaranteed Resources Virtual Private Server

Guaranteed resources

Memory space and CPU guaranteed.
It is not shared with other users.

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Included Control Panel DirectAdmin

Included Control Panel

Unlimited domains with DirectAdmin,
more than 150 free and full management programs.

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100% Included VPS administration

Included administration

We take care of the operating system.
Free updates forever.

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Servers Megablock VPS

Servers Megablock

RAID*, 1Gbit NIC, center
data Cyberneticos own CPD.

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Security and Independence Virtual Private Server

Security and Independence

Virtual server not shared,
CSF + LFD Firewall, Antispam and Antivirus.

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Included ons Virtual Private Server

Included ons

Cybermóvil PRO,
NOC monitoring Cyberneticos 24 hours.

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VPS has more capacity
for your web pages a shared hosting.

VPS Server vs Hosting Plan

The solution for those who do not need the power of a Dedicated Server.

Our VPS have their guaranteed resources to ensure that your pages load quickly since it is on a private server without sharing with any other user.

Virtual Private Servers with Xen technology.

Our VPS servers are powered with Xen technology that allows us to monitor, backup and restore without affecting the performance of your server at any time getting us to offer the most robust and dynamic market VPS servers.

VPS Basic


40GB in RAID*

2GB Guaranteed RAM

Order VPS Basic Cyberneticos
Save 15% performing annual recruitment

VPS Medium


60GB in RAID*

4GB Guaranteed RAM

Order VPS Medium of Cyberneticos
Save 15% performing annual recruitment

VPS Advanced


80GB in RAID*

8GB Guaranteed RAM

Order VPS Advanced of Cyberneticos
Save 15% performing annual recruitment

Expanded VPS measure

You can increase any resource without modifying the other, you only pay the difference between your current plan and again until its next installment, from which will pay the price of the new plan.

Server SSD Premium

**When setting up your VPS, you have the option of selecting the latest technology in SSD. With these solid disks will make your web server to perform the read and write requests in a fraction of the time.

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Server Expanded VPS measure

Manage your VPS with DirectAdmin and ServoControl

DirectAdmin VPS Control Panel Demo Online Admin

User: demo_admin
Password: demo


Control Panel multidomain hosting

DirectAdmin control panel is hosting more advanced, stable and secure market multidomain. Manage all your domains independently on the same hosting account with multiple tools to control your website. Each site will have its own email accounts, databases, backups, FTP accounts, redirections and separated from other files.

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Remote Control Server and VPS

ServerControl is a remote control panel via web for Serveres and VPSCon ServerControl can stop, start and restart your server without having to rely on any technical of Cyberneticos. From ServerControl you access the console via SSH access ROOT, graphics performance and CPU bandwidth, space consumed indicators and much more.

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VPS Managed by Cyberneticos
Managed servers
for Cyberneticos

VPS Servers
Managed 100%

All VPS with DirectAdmin are managed 100%.

The Cyberneticos technicians is always aware of the performance of your server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you have to do is enjoy the wonderful panel DirectAdmin control and leave technical matters in our hands. We also take care to keep your updated with new hardware and software upgrades VPS, including the control panel, operating system and any application essential for safe and optimized operation of your VPS.

Total management with DirectAdmin and SSH

Private Servers with DirectAdmin administration panel by default

DirectAdmin is a professional hosting panel that lets you create domains, email accounts, FTP, databases and subdomains. Where you can manage all your accounts and those of its customers. You can create your own users of these hosting plans and more. If you are a Linux guru and likes to manage your VPS via SSH as ROOT, you can also do so if desired.

Custom settings
Server for

Our team of qualified managers do the work

If you need a special configuration for your server and Linux lacks the necessary knowledge to do this, our team of managers are qualified to install any module, library or script that can make lack. Depending on the installation, you can carry a cost or not associated with these work. Contact us to see what possibilities exist.

Functions and Features
Additional Server for VPS

VPS own Data Center
own data

Cyberneticos has its own infrastructure in Spain. A Data Center redounded and high-tech N + 1.

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De cPanel to DirectAdmin VPS
De cPanel a DirectAdmin

Cyberneticos is responsible for making migration transparently and with little or no downtime. Maintaining its structure and information intact.

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The indispensable tool to manage your area of clients and the services
Cybermóvil PRO
(iOS / Android)

The indispensable tool to manage your area of clients and the services contracted in Cyberneticos. Among the tools available is the restart of the server.

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Firewall and Antivirus VPS
Firewall and Antivirus

Including free firewall tools CSF and prevention and detection of malicious threats. Which are preconfigured with optimized security for proper operation.

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Warranty 15 Days VPS
Warranty 15 Days of Cyberneticos

We guarantee 15 days to test your Server Scalable. In case you are not satisfied, you will be reimbursed 100% of the fertilizer.

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CyberBackup PRO VPS

Back up your Scalable, thus ensuring business continuity of a simple, robust and secure manner.

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions VPS Servers
  • When I can have my VPS, once the purchase?

    All VPS are delivered in less than 24 working hours from the time of making the payment. If your server needs urgently, please contact us to make your order as urgent and we will deliver your server in the shortest possible time without any additional cost.

  • Will I have access ROOT (administrator) to my server?

    Yes. In case you prefer to manage your machine will supply the key ROOT (Linux) or Administrator (Windows) so that you have complete freedom of administration with your machine. But if you prefer your machine we manage 100% to only have to worry about enjoying your control panel. If at any time he needed some library or module installed on your server, our highly qualified technicians can install it free.

  • Can I use my VPS for streaming, storage and applications?

    Yes. But keep in mind the bandwidth and monthly transfer which plans to consume when choosing your VPS. However, we recommend hiring a Streaming Server with which you can create, edit, suspend and delete their own user accounts and broadcasters.

  • How far can be extended?

    VPS no limit for expansion. To start you can hire one of our VPS Basics and ascend to the VPS Advanced plan. Then you can upgrade to a scalable server and configure the client you need, up to 16GB of RAM, 8-core and 6-disc 500GB in RAID* per machine, unlimited machines. It will be budgeted in each case as needed. It will only be charged for the increased resource. You can increase any resource without modifying other.

  • Do the disks are in RAID?

    *Yes. The servers are configured with the maximum possible redundancy (RAID10 or RAID6). RAID is a technology that protects us in case of hard disk failure and this is achieved with hardware controllers. This means that even if you break down the discotheques, your server and the replacement. Disk problems are a thing of the past.

  • Do I have Server Control Panel?

    You can perform advanced operations such as booting, rebooting and shutting down your server from the integrated ServerControl control panel in your own client area. In addition you can see detailed information of transfer consumption of the current month. ServerControl is included free with all our servers.

  • Are Private Servers?

    Yes. Each server has its own secure environment, operating system, IP and totally independent access from other customers or users. This is achieved using the latest technology Xen.

  • Have of my total contracted space?

    System files typically occupy between 5 - 7GB of the space you have contracted. These system files are required for the operation of your server, control panel and other services.

  • How backups work?

    Depending on the backup service you have hired to register your server, the frequency of backups varies. Normally backups are performed every 24-48 hours with 5 incremental cycles. You can also choose to make their own copies. To read more about our policy backup, review the corresponding section in our General contract.

Please, if you still have any doubt
contact our Sales Department.